Pietro Pellegri would make his home debut a cameo at the end of a defeat, in April to Chievo. It was a moment: since the board went up announcing the latter’s introduction side stood by side. His enthusiasm was shared by A fan of this Grifone from the beginning with Pietro. However, at 16 years old he knew then he had. And a lot more to show his dad. His first look for the senior staff of Genoa had arrived months away at Torino in December 2016. At 280 days and 15 years, Pellegri was the player ever. It was on the day of the season, however, that he captured the attention of the nation, threatening to destroy the retirement celebration of Francesco Totti with a goal.

Genoa had signed their attack to be led by Gianluca Lapadula, but there was a lack of depth. Following the arrival picked up an injury in the third match of the club, this fact was exposed. Ivan Juric tried to redesign his team deploying Adel Taarabt as a nine with Lazio coming to Marassi on Sunday night. It was. Playing to think another would follow, and already down a goal, Genoa had a change. Pellegri was sent by Juric. You could say this substitution as Lazio continued to control, turned the tide of the game. However, it made things interesting.
Into the box Pellegri raced at the 57th minute, wanting to get at the end of the through-ball of Taarabt. He wound up profiting from some defending. Stefan De Vrij slid in to intercept but the ball pinged up out of his boot onto Stefan Radu’s torso and back into the path of Pellegri. The striker’s shot was deflected by Radu, monitoring back desperately.

Then was to follow, if this was a first in the Marassi for Pellegri. Lazio retook the lead for the adolescent to equalize another time, just through Ciro Immobile. The cross from a place on the left of Ervin Zukanovic was placed, but not each player could have had decisiveness, acceleration and the instincts to sprint in behind slip home and De Vrij. That was not enough to save Genoa. With a little less than 10 minutes, Santiago Gentiletti gave possession allowing processor home Lazio and Immobile to race through. Some beginning has been made by the Italy striker to the season. Pellegri has a way. There are many who think he can get there. Both are players, attacking the penalty box in addition to comfortable with their backs.

Nobody is suggesting Pellegri is in the class of Ibrahimovic but the Swede employers hunted him. Manchester United was reported to have made a way after seeing him direct Genoa to the closing of a youth 26, to signal Pellegri in 2015 the club hosted. United are said to have offered the dad of Pellegri a job in England to make the transfer possible. Marco rejected. Without seeing his son play in the Marassi at least how can he ever agree to such a move? The clubs haven’t relented. If we are worried about this talent of himself before he’s even begun, made to a celebrity? Against hyperbole that is predictable and ridiculous, we could trust from the participant’s own humility. “I am realizing a dream at the moment,” Pellegri stated at fulltime. The one moment that seemed to grab out him was being shown footage of his dad during the game in the dugout. Marco Pellegri wiped a tear from his eye. He had not seen everything yet. judi bola online